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What we do

Heartwood is well versed in many aspects of tree care.


Structural Pruning- A practical and healthy way to manage your trees and keep them growing to their fullest potential while reducing the risk to property and the people we love

Habitat Snags- Helping to maintain dead, mature structures on your property while at the same time providing  habitat for all the amazing creatures we share space with. Dead trees are just as, if not More, important to wild life, and we want to help you be a responsible steward as well as keeping things safe        

House Clearance- To make sure that your house is clear of branches that could damage siding or shingles, and to keep you up to code with the fire department    

Risk Mitigation- Reduction or removal of hazardous deadwood and other tree parts that are an active hazard 

City Code-  Making sure all right of ways are properly clear. 

Cabling- Help you to keep peace of mind when facing inclement weather as well as supporting the trees we love that have unfavorable structural 

Removals- Hopefully a last resort in the realm of tree maintenance or risk mitigation 

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